Thursday, 5 April 2007

Stryker's Run and Quest

Stryker's Run and Quest are two of the PC games that we currently have under development. The projects are progressing well, and this blog entry includes some screenshots from the latest development versions of these games.

The animated image at the top-left shows one of the Volgan helicopters in Stryker's Run, and the screenshot below is taken from a point near to the start of the game as John Stryker is setting off on his mission:

(Please click on the screen pictures to view larger versions of these images.)

The PC version of Stryker's Run includes many new graphics elements, such as caves, construction sites, girders, ropes and chains:

Here is a screenshot from Quest near to the start, after collecting the cheese:

In the following Quest screenshot, as well as the cheese, a key and an ID card have also been located:

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